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Access instrument panels

This was at a flightsim forum:

Pressing the 'SHIFT' key plus the '2' key displays the radio stack in most aircraft.
We are then limited to being able to access more than 8 possible instruments eg Shift 2 through to SHIFT 9.

Is there a way to set up a panel so that more than 8 different instruments can be displayed using the keyboard rather than selecting from the VIEWS / INSTRUMENT PANELS drop down menu? I Googled this question and found nothing.

One solution is to use the HIDMacro.

I've done it for my fuelstat and groundhandling instrument views. In all aircraft equipped with these instruments I have changed the IDENT to 10080 and 10075. Aircraft without it are not affected.

In HIDMacro create a macro as in the picture, PANEL_ID_TOGGLE and with appropriate key and parameter.

To simplify search and replace in aircraft panel.cfg use notepad++ as a text editor.

Premaircraft has a DH6 Twin Otter with many instrument windows. Nice to test at.