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Test of the installation

Now you should have the prerequisites installed.
Time for the first test.

Start flight simulator and create a flight with C172.

You will now have one more menu at the menubar:

It is 'Modules' and the submenu 'FSUIPC ...'.

If you click 'FSUIPC ...' you will open up FSUIPC:

As you can see in the top left frame 'This copy is unregistered. It will not provide full functionality.' But it's OK for now!

Start HIDMacros.

As this is the first start of HIDMacros.exe you will get following window:


If you close the window you will find a new file 'hidmacros.xml' created in the hidmacro folder. You can look in it and you can edit with a text editor, e.g notepad.exe or notpad++.

At the first tab 'Devices' you will se a list of connected keyboards and mice.