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Working FS2004.

An installed and working FS2004.


For this example your ordinary keybord is enough. But beware, if you assign a key to HIDMacro this key is not usable for ordinary typing when HIDMacro is running. You have to shut down HIDMacro to use that key in ordinary way. If you use a second keyboard for HIDMacros the ordinary keyboard will works as usual. The keyboards has to be USB connected!

Peter Dowson's FSUIPC interface.

Download and install FSUIPC for FS2004 from Down the page you will find FSUIPC 3.999z9 , download and save the zip-file in your download folder.

Open the file and run 'Install FSUIPC.exe'. At the end of the installation process you will be asked to register or not. To register you have to buy a code from Simmarket You don't have to register for this purpose! So leave FSUIPC unregistered.

FSUIPC will be installed in the FS2004 folder and in the 'Modules' folder. You will also have a new folder 'FSUIPC Documents' in the Modules folder. In this folder you will have lots of documents in pdf format.

If you already have FSUIPC installed check that you have the documents folder and the documents. FSUIPC may have been installed by some addons, but it is not sure the document folder is installed at the same time. If so, run 'Install FSUIPC.exe' from your download.

Read at least part of 'FSUIPC user Guide.pdf'.

When programming HIDMacro we need the offset table in 'FSUIPC for programmers.pdf'.

We also need 'List of FS2004 controls.pdf'. There are two lists in the document, one 'In control name order' and one 'In control number order'.


Download the current version of at . Create a new folder close to the FS2004's folder. Named the folder to Hidfs9 or whatever you like. Open and copy all the contents to your new folder.

You should now have 3 files, Help.rtf, HIDMacros.exe and Winhook.dll in the new folder, as well as 4 new folders. When HIDMacros.exe has runned for the first time, one additional file is created, 'hidmacros.xml'. This is the file where all programming is stored.

Create a shortcut to HIDMacros.exe and place the shortcut close to the shortcut for the flight simulator.

Go to and read at least the FSUIPC Interface part of the manual. Of course it's better to read all the pages of site to better understand the program.