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Create the first command

We will now create our first command:

  1. 1. At the 'Macros' tab click 'New'.

2. As we will switch on and off the taxilight we call the macro 'Taxi_light toggle'. Always use a macroname you will recognize.

 3. Assign a key to the macro. Click 'Scan' and after that press the key 't'. The key 't' will now trigger the macro 'Taxi_light toggle'. Note HIDMacros will recognize wich keyboard the key is pressed on. Here keyb2 is used and the key is number 84 on the keyboard and this is the key 't' (on my laptop). If you press 't' on another keyboard the keyboard code will be keyb4 or whatever board is used.

 4. Click the 'Scripted' tab to get up the script area.

 5. In the script area type: ”HIDMacros.SetFSUIPCInt &H3110, 4, 66240” without the ” . I will explain the code later on.

 6. Click 'Compile' button.

  1.  7. The red 'light' should switch to green and say 'Compiled'
  2.  8. When click 'Test' button the Taxi light switch at the Cessna should switch position. As we have assign the key 't' to the macro, pressing the 't' key should toggle the Taxi light switch at the Cessna as well.


This is all that have to be done for this simple example. No other tabs or menus should be used. To delete a macro, highlight the macro and click 'Delete' at the Macros tab. You can add more macros as you like.